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stepSanders Offset Sanding Tools


stepSanders, by David Lee Designs, aren't new to many modelers but they were new to me.  David Lee is a well known car modelers with many uploaded vidoes of his builds.  He introduced a line of tool, named stepSander, which he also shows how to use online in his videos.  Above, we see a selection from his line.

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Badger's Renegade Velocity Airbrush

For years I used a Paasche H1 airbrush, then later I bought a Modelmaster (Aztec) airbrush to replace it.  It never did so I went out and bought an Iwata HP-C.   After hearing the commotion Badger was causing with their new airbrushes at model shows, I contacted them once I saw a very nice discount offer from the company.  A couple of months after contacting them, I was offered the opportunity to review two of their latest airbrushes and this one is the first, the Renegade.

Renegade Velocity Box

The Renegade comes in a fabulously made box, the kind a medal is kept in.  Open opening the latch; we see the airbrush, a plastic cup with two parts, both snugly held in place by a profile cut foam insert.  Lifting this up, we see the documentation included with the airbrush.

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