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If you are new here, pop in here & introduce yourself to all the gang!
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by helios
13 Oct 2017 16:28
Get your Modelers' Alliance Campaign marching orders here. Make suggestions and general conversation about future and past campaign
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by razordws
13 Nov 2017 17:41

Slide up a stool and enjoy conversations. Trade, barter or swap stuff on the Post Exchange but always respect the rules of the site.
Post Exchange(304/1065)
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Last Post: Happy Thanksgiving
by Heavens Eagle
23 Nov 2017 18:36

Discuss our News, Reviews and Modeling Shows here.
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by moon puppy
22 Nov 2017 07:40

This Forum is dedicated to the work we do to honor the members that are departed from us.
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by moon puppy
14 Sep 2016 20:05

Need help? Can you not get your images to show up? Do you not have information on a model you are building? Have you stuck your tongue to your panzer? We will try to help you here!
Site Questions(20/131)
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by moon puppy
20 Nov 2017 08:31


Modelers Alliance Masters Section.

Discussion Forums of Bob Letterman's Mastersclasses
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by bob letterman
19 Nov 2017 21:11

Ian Hill's Masterclasses and modeling
34 Topics 1387 Replies White_Wolf's Avatar
by White_Wolf
17 Nov 2017 20:41

John Steinman, a true craftsman in the modeling world
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Last Post: DML Pz III Ausf J.
by moon puppy
24 Aug 2017 21:05

Forum dedicated to the works of Alex De Leon
73 Topics 683 Replies alex wence de leon's Avatar
by alex wence de leon
18 Aug 2017 03:57
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by MrT
28 Aug 2017 08:15
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by chukw
05 Dec 2016 15:34
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by AndyFettes
25 Jun 2017 20:05
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by Tony lee
09 Oct 2017 23:46
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by Jeeves
21 Feb 2017 23:54
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by lupanzer
13 Mar 2017 17:32
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by moon puppy
13 Oct 2016 13:00
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by reconron
22 Apr 2014 18:24
Inactive Masters forums can be found here
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Last Post: Dwarf Bust
by JSteinman
23 May 2017 09:30

Show us your WAR FACE! Give us the Armoured Fury! Any Armour and ground warfare equipment are welcomed here!

John "Tanktrax" Marcus Armoured Fury
1229 Topics 25.3k Replies Iron Mike's Avatar
by Iron Mike
21 Nov 2017 08:58

Park your aircraft at our Tom Wesendorf Memorial Aerodrome and Poolside Lounge. Share your aircraft builds here.
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Last Post: Piaggio P.108
by phantom II
21 Nov 2017 13:36

Modelers Alliance's own shipyard for anything that floats and roams the seas! Yvan eht nioj!
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by Rhino
23 Nov 2017 11:28

Display your finished figure or post your full work in progress for the prestigious Fettes' Figure Frenzy Campaign Ribbon. Full Work in Progress treads are welcome to showcase talents in sculpting, painting and displaying these wonderful works of art.
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by Iron Mike
08 Nov 2017 08:59

Any civilian model of your like!
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by Iron Mike
23 Nov 2017 18:09

The category for SciFi buffs!
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by MrT
20 Nov 2017 08:33
This section, Earth 2111 is being presented to the site for members that want to build post apocalyptic, what if builds, totally Sci-Fi.

As a participant, we are asking you to choose a place on earth in the year 2111, one hundred years after the destruction of the world as we knew it in 2011.

What makes this different is that we would also like to ask you to not only build your versions of Mad Maxian type vehicles, planes, dios etc, but to add to the story line that has been written up.
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by 135engineer
22 Jul 2016 10:41

Here is where we build and showcase our Dioramas
247 Topics 5902 Replies JamesOLeary's Avatar
by JamesOLeary
31 Oct 2017 16:54

Pick a reference picture, and build the picture while getting it as close as possible to the photo.
The real thing!(242/1283)
272 Topics 1738 Replies moon puppy's Avatar
by moon puppy
22 Oct 2017 15:06

Current Campaigns

These group builds are currently active
Clear off the bench and get started with that ship that's in your stash. This is an ongoing Campaign so join up any time.

48 Topics 1829 Replies Rhino's Avatar
by Rhino
23 Nov 2017 11:05
The War To End All Wars, 100th Anniversary

Start on Jan 31, 2014
End 11:00 Nov 11, 2018
32 Topics 1728 Replies Heavens Eagle's Avatar
by Heavens Eagle
18 Nov 2017 10:37
22 Topics 576 Replies Hippy Ed's Avatar
by Hippy Ed
28 Nov 2015 22:59
Anything from the war in South East Asia 1945-75

Start: April 1, 2017

End: March 31, 2018
47 Topics 1397 Replies Iron Mike's Avatar
by Iron Mike
23 Nov 2017 18:11
Build a King Tiger.

Work in Progress allowed.

End, when we get done.
14 Topics 629 Replies tom1815's Avatar
by tom1815
15 Nov 2017 10:57
Midway 2017

11 Topics 328 Replies razordws's Avatar
by razordws
08 Nov 2017 22:32
Anything from Revell or Monogram.

End: June 30, 2018
21 Topics 450 Replies Iron Mike's Avatar
by Iron Mike
23 Nov 2017 18:07
Any Humvee, ANY!
Start Oct 21, 2017

End Oct 31, 2018
7 Topics 137 Replies SA Dave's Avatar
Last Post: Academy M1151
by SA Dave
18 Nov 2017 03:33
Have fun and do an Egg model.

Start now

End whenever
9 Topics 143 Replies Iron Mike's Avatar
by Iron Mike
21 Nov 2017 18:05
Anything (civilian or military) within Africa's boundaries...

Start Now

End: Oct 31, 2018
4 Topics 146 Replies SA Dave's Avatar
Last Post: SAAF Impala Mk II
by SA Dave
21 Nov 2017 09:34
What has been done and whats to come.
Finished Campaigns(1777/72987)
1777 Topics 73k Replies Iron Mike's Avatar
by Iron Mike
07 Nov 2017 12:15
11 Topics 177 Replies iambrb's Avatar
by iambrb
25 Sep 2017 16:44
Here you will find our classrooms for interactive building techniques
Scratch Build(9/454)
9 Topics 454 Replies Skinny_Mike's Avatar
by Skinny_Mike
10 Sep 2016 20:20

Welcome to Sprue University! Attend class with any number of our Masters and Instructors and share with everyone else what you have learned
92 Topics 614 Replies moon puppy's Avatar
by moon puppy
15 Aug 2017 21:48
The root of what we do assembling a model can be done various ways. Here we'll have Discussions on adhesives, methods, best practices.
6 Topics 45 Replies MrT's Avatar
by MrT
19 May 2015 08:33
After Market accessories have become a staple of the hobby. Here we'll see articles on Photo Etch, Resin, White metal, and whatever other forms of after market are out there and how to use them.
2 Topics 75 Replies kryptosdaddy's Avatar
by kryptosdaddy
17 Jan 2012 01:46
How to weather, chip, and give your model that lived in look and feel.
9 Topics 88 Replies moon puppy's Avatar
by moon puppy
12 Feb 2017 12:57
There are various tools available for our hobby. Not all of them are intuitive in their use. So here we'll explain them.
21 Topics 277 Replies lupanzer's Avatar
by lupanzer
24 Oct 2017 14:00
Here we will discuss painting and marking your model. Also anything to do with markings.
12 Topics 103 Replies centaur567's Avatar
by centaur567
25 Jan 2017 09:09

Games of War

This is for models used in war games of any type such as Flames of War, War Hammer, etc
General discussion of War Games and the Models
7 Topics 27 Replies Swordsman's Avatar
Last Post: Games of War
by Swordsman
26 Mar 2015 07:40
Show us your builds.
3 Topics 19 Replies SA Dave's Avatar
by SA Dave
01 Sep 2014 13:08

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